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Daily Timetable

9-30am FXT

2-00pm Senior FXT

6.00pm Breathe

7-00 FXT

Tuesday 2015

9-30am FXT


6.00pm FXT

7-00 FXT

Fenton Clothes

We have a fantastic range of Fenton Clothing take a look at our shop for sizing please speak to a team member

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PT Trainers

We now have Eight of the very best PT ‘s around that will help you achieve your goal

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In House Events

We have so many Inhouse and outdoor events that keep you motivated and set you goals.

Family Fitness

You can now train with your kids !!! As long as they are between 8 – 16 yrs of age


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Kids Membership

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Featured Classes

Take a look at our Classes

  1. 1

    Here it is! The best way to get truly fit! The best way to de-stress! The best way to look amazing! The best way to stay focused! The best way to enjoy the gym…OCTATHALON!!!

    Monday 7pm, Tuesday 6pm and 7pm. Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm and 7pm, Friday 6pm and Saturdays at 11am

  2. 2

    Monday 7pm, Tuesday 6pm and 7pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm and 7pm, Friday 7pm and Saturdays at 9am (spin/run)

    Motivational, Inspirational and Suunto mointored. Cycle to your own Beat!

  3. 3

    Wednesday 7pm


    Circuits on the pads, on the mitts, in pairs, in teams, mixing in body weight exercises, and cardio aspects…fun and fitness in one and you get to hit pads to the Rocky theme tune!

  4. 4

    Breathe is a class that everyone SHOULD do. It contains yoga, pilates, balance, assisted stretches and much more! On a Wednesday and Friday at 18:00 you will love it….£5

  5. 5
    Morning Fitness

    Morning Fitness is our session at 9:30-10:30 where all abilities work together and sample every form of fitness from Octathalon to Yoga with live heart rate data so we can keep an eye on you. A friendly session that gets the best out of you so expect to get a sweat on or a bit of muscle soreness for a few days!!!

    Get going first thing………. £5

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